Turkey’s Changemakers Program

The Turkey’s Changemakers Program, the 11th season of which was completed in 2020, reached 195 Changemakers as of end of the year.

195 Changemakers
8,000 Applications
294,000 Followers in social media
37MILLON Video access

Sabancı Foundation, with the Turkey’s Changemakers Program it has been running since 2009, has been creating awareness in society and encouraging active citizenship through inspiration by sharing the stories and work of those who contribute to social development in Turkey.

Among more than 8,000 applications that were nominated by the public until today, the program’s Advisory Board selected 195 “Changemaker” individuals and organizations, and their inspiring stories were filmed and broadcast. Individuals and institutions included in the Changemakers Network have the opportunity to collaborate with other Changemakers and attend various workshops and events. Events and workshops are shaped based on the interest and needs of Changemakers.

The videos of 195 Changemakers, the total number as of Season 11, are shared on the Turkey’s Changemakers’ website as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Changemakers of Season 11

We Need to Talk
İlayda Eskitaşçıoğlu, who endeavors to ensure that women in disadvantaged regions could access hygienic materials, especially menstrual products, and to break down the taboo about menstruation, aims to create safe spaces where women and girls can talk about menstruation by raising their awareness about menstruation. The “We Need to Talk” platform, which advocates that access to hygienic materials is a right, organizes trainings and workshops with seasonal agricultural workers, refugee women and young girls in rural schools.

Reading is Being on the Road
Nusrettin Biçer and Abdulkadir Korkmaz, who transformed a second-hand van into a mobile library, visit the villages of Şanlıurfa as part of the project ‘Reading is Being on the Road’ and come together with children. They bring children together not only with books, but also with activities such as puppets, science and art workshops, and mind games. They revisit the same rural school to reinforce children’s learning and contribute to their reading and comprehension skills.

Anti-Vivisection Association
Yağmur Özgür Güven, an animal rights activist, works in Anti-Vivisection Association to stop animal experiments and replace them with alternative scientific methods. The Association also continues to work on the right to ‘conscientious objection’ for university students in courses in which animals are used for practice, carries out projects to rehome the animals that are used in experiments and whose health status is suitable, and continues its activities to raise awareness.

Chasing the Kite
Zahit Mungan, who is from Mardin, combines local figures and motifs with kites, and organizes workshops so that children can also learn how to make a kite. Mungan, who contributes to the development of children’s imagination and motor skills with his workshops, aims to increase the interest of children in traditional games with the training he provides and to decrease their screen time. He contributes to the promotion of the city with the Mardin Kite Festival.

The Cartoon Mill
Fatih Küçük, who started his journey to contribute to the development of cartoon culture, founded Turkey’s first independent school of animated cartoon, The Cartoon Mill. In the school where people of all ages are trained, workshops are organized on various subjects such as cartoon history, designing characters, and producing animated cartoons. In the Cartoon Mill, which provides a space for students to discover diverse sides of technology, there is also a Cartoon and Toy Museum.